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Um. There’s a bit of a difference between someone’s life being heavily influenced by the Doctor and EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF THEIR PERSONALITY, THEIR WHOLE SKILL SET, THEIR CAREER, EVERY SIGNIFICANT DECISION THEY’VE MADE, EVERYTHING THAT HAS EVER SHAPED THEM AS A PERSON, relating back to the Doctor. There’s a difference between those two things.

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    Can I get an AMEN??! Moffat is very quickly moving up on my shit list. He took a cool, amazing, FLAWLESS character like...
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    That’s a real shame honey, because it’s much better than this comment makes it out to be. :(
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    Um. There’s a bit of a difference between someone’s life being heavily influenced by the Doctor and EVERY SINGLE ASPECT...
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    I’m not sure if I agree with this. Yes, River’s life has revolved around the Doctor in many ways, but we’ve seen that...
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    I can see that when I get caught up, the Internet and I are going to be having Some Words about River.
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    This. Absolutely. A problem I have with many of Moff’s episodes is that I do find them enjoyable upon first viewing....
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    There were so many things that sucked in this episode. Beside the above mentioned it really pissed me off that the...
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    I laughed, started to construct an argument about how television actually works (namely - seriously now, we’re upholding...
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    First off, let me say I had my own problems with this episode, including some of what they did with Mel/River. However,...
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